LED lamps for greenhouses "ECOLED-BIO" from ECOLED-Trade Company

The ECOLED-Trade Company was created in 2015 as a systematic result of the development of the production enterprise of the Light and Electric Technologies Group of Companies (Perm).

ECOLED-Trade is a specialized company working in the area of LED lighting for greenhouse complexes, as a complex integrator.

We managed to develop a spot light, unique in its segment, based on LEDs with different wavelengths and their optimal combination, which:
Provides proactive effect
on the root system, leaf growth and overall increase
Does not provide negative effect
on environmental atmosphere. Unlike incandescent lamps, it does not heat up or dry out the air
Creates a unique illumination
Of a certain light spectrum, which is the most optimal for the growth and development of cultivated bio-cultures
Positively effects
The photosynthesis process
Increases the rate of maturation
Of harvest without reducing its taste and maintaining the acceptable level of nitrates
Regulates nitrates content
at an acceptable level
Comprehensive scientific and technical support for the modernization of supplementary lighting systems in greenhouse farms on a turnkey basis. Our company operates its own engineering and design bureau. We do not only sell, but also develop our own domestic LED lighting devices, and we design lighting for large and small greenhouses on their basis.

How we work

Filling out the object questionnaire
Lighting design
Commercial suggestion
Equipment supply
Electrical installation and commissioning

Benefits of ECOLED-BIO LED lamps

Energy savings: energy costs are 2-3 times reduced
Wide range of operating temperatures: from -40 to +40 degrees
Reliability: High degree of protection (at least IP65) against moisture and dust
Versatility: can be used as major or as supplementary lighting
Spectrogram: LED-lamp emits exactly the light spectrum that plants need for growth and development
Lowest costs lamps do not need maintenance and replacement during operation
Plant burns are excluded: the devices do not heat up. They can be installed at any height above cultures
Stimulates the photosynthesis process, creating optimal conditions for the development of the root system, stems, leaves and fruits
Safety: the lamp’s elements do not contain mercury and can be disposed independently after failure

About the Company

ECOLED-Trade Company implements projects based on unique LED phyto-lamps, which are designed to create new and modernize existing lighting systems in greenhouses under the ECOLED-BIO brand from the Russian manufacturer of the Light and Electric Technologies Group of Companies (LET GC LLC), Perm

Addresses and Contacts

25 Tankistov Str., Perm
Sales Office
1 Kolskaya Str., build. 1, off. 210, Moscow

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