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21 March 2017
Within the period from November 17, 2016 to January 29, 2017, with the participation of the Crimean Rozes LLC, an experiment was performed to determine the effectiveness of the ECOLED-BIO-100-200W-D120 lamps when growing roses, as well as to compare it with ZhSP30- 600 lamps.

The MIRNA sort of roses (red) was chosen for the experiment. Instead of 9 ZhSP30-600 lamps, 24 modern ECOLED-BIO-100-200W-D120 LED lamps were installed in a greenhouse with an area of 120 sq. meters.

After performing the experiment and comparing the results, it was determined that roses lit by modern LED lamps have the same level of development as roses lit by ZhSP30-600 lamps. At the same time, after measuring, it was found out that electricity costs when using ECOLED-BIO-100-200W-D120LED lamps were significantly lower, and account for about 30% of the energy consumption of ZhSP30-600 lamps.

Considering the results above, it is safe to say that the ECOLEDBIO products are the next step in the development in the area of cultivation of varietal cultures.

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