15 July 2019
More than 20 different items of lamps for all tasks of agronomists. For 5 years, we have developed the widest range of greenhouse lighting lamps in Russia. It is safe to say that 90% of the species of cultures and plants requiring artificial lighting can be lit using our range of lamps.

Today we want to share with you our story of the creation of our first ECOLED-BIO UniversaLED lamp.

In 2015, when we were just entering the greenhouse lighting market, we had no idea what is ahead of us so that our solutions were relevant. Then, five years ago, we only had one lamp design developed from one of our street lighting lamps. No wonder that the Universal LED lamp was chosen, at that time it was resulted from the market requirement, namely, a lamp for the overhead lighting was required, capable of providing with the required number of micromoles for plants. This is how the ECOLED-BIO-112-185W UniversaLED lamp appeared. A distinctive feature of this series of lamps is the use of monochrome ultra-bright LEDs with different wavelengths as a light source. Due to this, it is possible to select the most accurate illumination spectrum for individual cultures and their hybrids by mixing the illumination of different ratios (mix) of diodes. The lamps have a modular design principle.

Already in 3 months, in 2016, during the period from November 8 to December 16, our company, together with the Truzhenik greenhouse complex, located in the city of Krasnokamsk, Perm Territory, conducted an experiment aimed at establishing the efficiency of the new ECOLED-BIO-112- 185W-xx UniversaLED, compared with Reflux S400 and DNaZ Reflux S600 HPS lamps. In this case the STARFIGHTER sort Batavia lettuce bwcame an exposed. You can read more about this experience at following the link ...

We will tell you how we developed the ECOLED-BIO-120W-F-LINE lamp for interlighting, and about the pilot projects with this lamp in the next part of our story.

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ECOLED-Trade Company implements projects based on unique LED phyto-lamps, which are designed to create new and modernize existing lighting systems in greenhouses under the ECOLED-BIO brand from the Russian manufacturer of the Light and Electric Technologies Group of Companies (LET GC LLC), Perm

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