Agronomic Support

Installed correctly factors of supplementary lighting control will have a positive effect on the yield and quality of the cultures being grown. Knowing everything about the processes occurring in plants, we can purposefully change them in order to achieve the set goal. We create artificial light sources based on energy-saving LED technologies. Our lamps fill the greenhouse with quality light with wavelengths and photonic efficiency that can activate plant growth, improve their protective functions, color, taste and other consumer properties. 

ECOLED-Trade Company provides services for agronomic support of greenhouses in the aspect of photosynthetic activity of cultivated plants and its dependence on the illumination of the cultivated area.

Agronomic support of greenhouses lighting with LED phyto-lamps

We suggest each manager an individual solution for creating an artificial lighting system that meets the needs of his/her company. Any greenhouse farming is a unique territory with its own technical properties, area, types of plants grown. Each farm employs specialists with different levels of training, who are usually sound in cultures selection and care, but less competent in choosing suitable light sources. Other specialists have in-depth knowledge of the electrical equipment, but are not sound in the biological side of the issue.

Agronomic support involves:

·         Joint work of our specialists with several partner’s services (agronomic, electrical, selection, etc.);

·         Calculation, selection and delivery of the necessary phyto-lamps to the object;

·         Creation, together with the customer, of a unique lighting system - energy efficient on the one hand, and aimed at obtaining an increased yield on the other hand;

·         Technological and informational support of the partner after installation and commissioning of the system;

·        Visits of in-house specialists to greenhouses - planned within the framework of the contract and on call for current control.

As part of agronomic support, we advise customers on the correct use of phyto-lamps, taking into account the cultures grown, the choice of light intensity, temperature, installation height, types of fixing, maintenance and system maintenance. We conclude contracts for agronomic support of greenhouse complexes. We will agree a convenient way to train staff with the customer. We conduct field classes and consult by telephone, e-mail. To learn more about agronomic support from ECOLED-Trade, please call 8 (495) 134 52 02.

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ECOLED-Trade Company implements projects based on unique LED phyto-lamps, which are designed to create new and modernize existing lighting systems in greenhouses under the ECOLED-BIO brand from the Russian manufacturer of the Light and Electric Technologies Group of Companies (LET GC LLC), Perm

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