Electric Fitting and Commissioning

Electric fitting works include a whole range of services aimed at ensuring the supply of electricity to consumers.

Light and Electric Technologies companies group is engaged in the production of ECOLED TM LED lamps, and also develops projects for lighting systems for industrial and commercial facilities on their basis. We carry out electrical fitting on the basis of the existing approvals, certificates, and we proceed directly to the installation after the project has been approved by the state supervision authorities.

Initially, a plan of fitting activities is drawn up, which usually includes the following stages:

  • Inspection of the facility: experts perform geometric measurements, examine the condition and integrity of existing electricity mains, equipment;
  • Dismantling measures: at this stage, the power supply is turned off, obsolete lighting devices are removed, cables, sockets, switches are removed;
  • Layout: based on a ready-made scheme, which is developed by design experts, the places where new electrical wiring will be laid are indicated. The points of installation of sockets, lamps, other devices are marked;
  • Technical work: at this stage, walls, floors, ceilings are being prepared for cable laying and equipment installation. Hollows are made for installing switches. Drilling is performed; surfaces are grooved if the electricity main is laid in a hidden manner. This is not required if open cable laying is allowed, which also reduces the lead time;
  • Electric fitting: installation of lamps and other equipment on prepared surfaces;
  • Commissioning: the system is checked for operability, defects are eliminated when they are detected. 
The price of electrical work depends on the complexity, urgency of the order, as well as on the cost of materials, LEDs and other lighting elements used in a particular network.

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ECOLED-Trade Company implements projects based on unique LED phyto-lamps, which are designed to create new and modernize existing lighting systems in greenhouses under the ECOLED-BIO brand from the Russian manufacturer of the Light and Electric Technologies Group of Companies (LET GC LLC), Perm

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